Our mission is to help the members of our community better understand their lungs and how to keep them healthy through our educational programs and services.


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Welcome to Breathe Pennsylvania

Breathe Pennsylvania is a non-profit organization that helps the residents of southwestern Pennsylvania achieve and maintain optimal lung health through education, prevention, awareness and direct services.


Success Stories

I first attended Camp Huff-n-Puff as a 12-year-old, but over the years my role has evolved. I reached the eligibility age to be a counselor after two years, and I have also been a part of the medical staff.
I was introduced to Breathe Pennsylvania through my children’s doctor and Interim Healthcare after giving birth to premature triplet girls on August 31, 2012. Born at just 26 weeks, Amae, Nia, and Maryn were all placed on ventilators.
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Dr. Mark Mamros
I have been a part of the organization for 25 years as a volunteer staff physician for Camp Huff-n-Puff. Working with a staff of caring individuals and watching the campers grow up is very special for me.
After finding out that I had dangerously high levels of radon in my North Hills home, I learned that Breathe Pennsylvania sells radon test kits.
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Sue B.
Diagnosed with asthma later in life, my symptoms were frequently triggered by the cold weather. Upon researching for a solution, I found out about the cold weather masks offered by Breathe Pennsylvania.
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Bruce S. was diagnosed with asthma some time ago, but was recently experiencing severe shortness of breath and a cough so severe in the morning he felt he might lose consciousness.
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Chat now with one of our respiratory therapists for information on chronic lung disease or for assistance with quitting smoking.


School Asthma Initiative

A comprehensive asthma management program.

Smoke-Free For Life

Adult tobacco cessation offered in a group setting to businesses and communities.

A Breath of Fresh Air


Coughing is the body’s reaction to irritation in the airways or foreign material in the lungs and airways. Most coughs will resolve themselves on their own and are a normal part of life, but if…

May 29, 2015


Last week in our “Ask the Expert” post, a Facebook fan asked the question “Is it normal to have asthma issues after a meal?” Here’s what our Clinical Director, Marianne Drevna, had to say:That’s a…

May 28, 2015

Airline Travel with Oxygen

Summertime is coming up, which usually means vacations, but if you have COPD and use oxygen, airline travel is more complicated for you. The good news is airline travel is still possible with portable oxygen…

May 21, 2015